Solving Condensation & Mould Issues

Back in 1987 we began our mission to rid homes of the damaging and debilitating effects of poor indoor air, condensation and mould. 27 years later, and with over 150,000 condensation problems solved, we feel as though we can call ourselves experts when it comes to advising on indoor air quality and condensation in UK homes.

As our government continues to provide incentives to seal up our existing homes to conserve energy through schemes such as the Green Deal, it’s no coincidence that 1 in 5 homes in the UK suffer with condensation and mould problems. By insulating our homes and ‘sealing them up’ to prevent heat loss, natural ventilation is prohibited and our homes run the risk of being unable to breathe.

Furthermore, in England alone, there are over 4 million households already in fuel poverty and, with rising fuel costs, many are struggling to keep warm in the colder months. People who cannot afford to heat all their rooms have been advised by the Government to heat their living room during the day and bedrooms just before going to bed.

This means that the rest of the property remains cold and will be vulnerable to condensation and mould. EnviroVent’s innovative range of energy efficient and sustainable ventilation products enable homeowners, landlords and developers to ensure they can provide the correct levels of indoor air quality to control humidity levels, reducing condensation and mould issues.