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Centrifugal Bathroom & Kitchen Fans


The ENV range of centrifugal fans are suitable for many domestic general applications where higher system resistances are encountered. The ENV 100 is available with a variety of fan function options and suitable for wall, ceiling and ducted applications. With automatic backdraught shutters fitted as standard, this prevents air entry and limits heat leakage when the extract fan is not operating. Supplied with double electrical insulation, all models are IPX4 rated.

Features & Benefits

  • Neon light
  • Powerful forward curved centrifugal impellers
  • Automatic backdraught shutter as standard
  • Variety of fan function options
  • SELV model available
  • Compact
  • Quiet operation
  • Front cover clips off to access impeller for easy cleaning
  • Complies with building regulations
  • Two year guarantee

Optional Features

Adjustable over run timer  Run Timer

  After disconnection, shut off time can be delayed between 1 and 30 minutes.


Internal humidity sensor  Internal Humidity Sensor

 Internal humidity sensor which automatically switches on the unit when the relative humidity rises above the selected set level (adjustable between 65% and 90% RH)


Product Code ENV100S ENV100T ENV100HT ENV100S12V ENV100T12V ENV100HT12V
Neon Light * * * * * *
Backdraught Shutter * * * * * *
Adjustable Run On Timer   * *   * *
Internal Humidity Sensor     *     *
CT-45/12 Remote Transformer       * * *

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