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Acoustic Cabinet Fans


The CAB ECOWATT is an acoustic cabinet fan manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel sheet and internally lined with 50mm thick fireproof acoustic insulation (M0).

The fan cover is supplied with 'quick fix' fixing to enable fast removal and fitting, and an airtight fit. All models incorporate a single phase direct-drive forward curved centrifugal fan. All cabinets can be installed outdoors as standard. Available with single phase motors in 2 poles.

Features & Benefits


From CAB-125 to CAB-250, all motors are IP54, Class F, with ball bearings and thermal protection.

The CAB-315 and CAB-400, have motors which are IP44 rated, Class F, with ball bearings and thermal protection.

Electrical Supply

Single phase 230V-50/60Hz. Speed controllable using voltage control.