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Environment & Sustainability

EnviroVent prides itself on manufacturing the Lifetime Range® products at our factory in Harrogate, North Yorkshire which in turn supports the local economy and the UK manufacturing industry.

Consistent with our commitment to develop sustainable products, the EnviroVent factory provides us with the facility to rework or recycle worn out components, eliminating the wasteful disposal of plastic to landfill sites. Manufacturing onsite also enables us to maintain the strictest levels of quality control and testing.


Our suppliers play a vital role in EnviroVent's production and services. As a UK manufacturer we recognise that local sourcing has a great impact on supporting the local economy and community. With this in mind, we endeavour to choose local suppliers, which in turn help us to reduce our carbon footprint.

At the core of EnviroVent's philosophy lies the commitment to design innovative products that are not only energy efficient but can save you money in long-term maintenance costs.


How The Lifetime RangeĀ® Makes A Difference

One Earth, One Goal

Over the past year we have removed plastic cups from our water dispensers and issued employees with reusable water bottles to stop the disposal of single-use plastic. We also send the hard plastic from old products to a supplier who grinds these down and reuses the plastic in their products
We now work with a number of suppliers who use reusable packaging and once we have received the parts we return these to the supplier to be refilled and reused. Our suppliers who don’t use reusable packaging have an agreement with us so we can return the packaging to them, again for reuse. Small components such as motors are received in bubble wrap and we have another supplier who will take these of our hands and use for their owning packing. This prevents the packaging from going to landfill. 

Our own packaging is made from 80% recycled material and when we do need to use plastic in our packaging this is all recyclable. Our aim is to ensure that our packaging is ‘plastic-free’ in the coming years.

EnviroVent packaging is made from 80% recycled material

We recycle all waste paper at head office, not just confidential documents. In 2019 we saved the equivalent of 95 trees through recycling and ensuring that people think before they print. As a company we try to ensure that we are always thinking about ways to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

All old IT equipment is broken down and the parts are reused where possible. The remainder of the equipment is donated to local charities. Internally we reuse pallets and packaging where possible. We have started to rollout LED across the business, which is activated by motion sensors to reduce energy wastage. The shutter doors fitted in the warehouse are fast action which reduces the amount of heat lost when they are in use, helping to save on heating costs and reducing our environmental impact.

EnviroVent recycles all waste paper

Our Factory

Our factory situated in Harrogate, North Yorkshire allows us to:

  • Save hundreds of tonnes in carbon emissions.
  • Save eight week's lead time in delivery time.
  • Bench test our products three times before they leave the factory.
  • Create two local jobs for every 10,000 products specified.

Our Products

Our products are engineered to last a lifetime.

The Lifetime Range® products have been designed to outlast the life cycle of a property, engineered with sustainable components to substantially reduce maintenance costs and life cycle costs.

The range caters for every domestic ventilation requirement and offers local extract, mechanical extract, positive input and heat recovery solutions.


Ultra Low Watt Motor Technology

At the heart of every product in the Lifetime Range® lies the EnviroVent Ultra Low Watt Motor. This eco technology allows fans to operate using the lowest possible energy, generating efficient power and thereby reducing carbon emissions.


Reducing Plastic Going To Landfill

Landfill sites are running out rapidly and contributing to the problem are the approximate 1.5 million ventilation products that are manufactured and installed in the UK housing stock every year, which inevitably end up on landfill sites after a short life span. Recognising the importance of sustainability and longevity, the Lifetime Range® products have been created to minimise environmental impact.


Experts In Ventilation

EnviroVent is the only UK ventilation manufacturer to offer a fully integrated, in-house installations planning and fitting service, improving indoor air quality in thousands of homes throughout the UK. For over 30 years, EnviroVent has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of ventilation products.


Long Term Warranties

All of our products which are part of the Lifetime Range® come with a 5, 7 or 10 year warranties.

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