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A Breakthrough In Single Room Heat Recovery Technology

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By EnviroVent Oct 01, 2012

A Major Breakthrough In Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilation.

Imagine if there was a way to eliminate condensation from your housing stock whilst at the same time being able to recover energy - well now there is!

EnviroVent have taken heat recovery technology to another level with the development of the heatSava, a Single Room Heat Recovery Unit (SRHR), bursting with innovation. This intelligent unit is a modern, energy efficient alternative to traditional extract ventilation, available in Ø100mm and Ø150mm versions, the heatSava is ideal for bathrooms, WCs, utility rooms and kitchens in both retrofit and new build projects.

How Does heatSava Work?
It continuously extracts stale, moist air from the wet room areas of the home, which passes over a high efficiency tubular heat exchange cell. The cell has been cleverly designed to allow the air to cyclone around the barrel, just like a corkscrew, retaining the heat from the extracted air before it reaches atmosphere. At the same time, fresh air from outside is supplied through the tubes where it collects up to 75% of the heat from the extracted air before it is returned back into the room. The unit improves indoor air quality, controlling condensation and mould problems in the most energy efficient way whilst helping your customers save money on their energy bills.

Intelligent Thinking
The heatSava requires no user intervention as its intelligent humidity tracking controls constantly monitor humidity levels. The motor speed rises and falls in direct correlation with any rise or fall in the levels of humidity in the home–eliminating nuisance running and saving energy.

Balanced Innovation ...With A Twist
The heatSava is the only unit on the market of its kind to be 100% balanced across both extract and supply airflows, operating in perfect symmetry to achieve optimal performance and efficiency in accordance with current EU SRHR test methodology. What’s more, the tubes within the heat exchanger have been intelligently engineered with a 15 degree twist, which increases the time that the air cyclones around the barrel, increasing thermal efficiency. Ensuring your residents won’t overheat during the warmer months, the unit has an automatic summer mode which prevents warmer air from entering the home. In addition, it also incorporates a frost protection function which protects the cell in the winter months.

Saving You Money In Maintenance Costs
The heatSava can be simply maintained by the resident without the requirement for an electrician. The plug out/plug in heat exchange cartridge can be removed by using the unique service key provided and the cell can be then vacuumed or wiped clean with a cloth.

Completely Versatile
Fitting neatly into almost any wall thickness, the length of the cell is available to suit wall depths of 310mm, 430mm, 500mm and 600mm. The heatSava is exceptionally versatile and can be installed in four different positions through 360 degrees, horizontally or vertically enabling the unit to fit into areas where space is tight or where an existing hole is located just below the ceiling. With its stylish symmetrical design, the heatSava looks eye-catching in any position.

As part of EnviroVent’s award winning Lifetime Range®, the heatSava is designed to outlast the lifecycle of the building it is installed in and engineered with sustainable components–all backed up with a renewable 5 year warranty.