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A Full Service Solution For Your New Build Project

A Full Service Solution For Your New Build Project

By EnviroVent Jul 11, 2012

EnviroVent offer a wide range of highly sustainable and low energy mechanical ventilation systems including MVHR, all ideal for new build properties. Our products have also been independently tested by BRE and are included in the SAP Appendix Q database.

We offer a full service solution including surveying, a free design service, installation and commissioning. We also have a dedicated team of project designers on board, who all have the correct expertise and knowledge of the building regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

You’ll also be pleased to know that our nationwide team of installation engineers are specialised in the complexities of the MVHR and MEV installations; having sufficient knowledge is extremely important when it comes to ensuring the correct working of the systems that comply with SAP Appendix Q installation checklists.

In addition, EnviroVent hosts a series of CPD seminars for New Build Construction, which aim to broaden your knowledge of ventilation solutions for new build construction. Over the years, countless professionals including building consultants, architects and specifiers have all participated in this advantageous opportunity.

EnviroVent’s CPD seminars offer the chance to enhance your existing professional standards for new build projects, by providing you with informative information and advice on using the most effective and energy efficient ventilation solutions that meet Part F & L building regulations. And, because we’re a fully accredited CPD organisation, everyone who attends will receive a CPD certificate. The ventilation solutions we cover will also meet health and environmental issues in addition to building regulations.

After explaining the revisions to Part F and Part L of the building regulations, the seminar will cover how the SAP 2009 links in with Part L and Code for Sustainable Homes. The CPD will also looks into Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) and Positive Input Ventilation (PIV): two types of effective ventilation which correspond to the revised building regulations.