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A Guide to Condensation and Mould

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A Guide to Condensation and Mould

By EnviroVent Oct 27, 2010

Suffering from Condensation and Mould at Home?

We've put together a condensation and mould guide to help you reduce these problems in your home and improve the indoor air quality.

Here are a few free tips on how to reduce condensation:

  1. Put lids on saucepans when cooking.
  2. Add cold water to the bath first to avoid steam building up.
  3. Share a bath or shower with your partner or anyone if they fancy it. It’s fun and also saves energy and money.
  4. Use any existing extract fan or open the windows.
  5. Don’t use calor gas heaters.
  6. Don’t buy or use unvented tumble driers. Even the one’s with condenser trays produce lots of moisture.
  7. Make sure water tanks in the home have lids or are covered to help prevent water evaporating into the air.
  8. Eat oven chips instead of deep fat fried.
  9. Try and limit the amount of clothes dried on radiators and airers.
  10. Make allowances for your pets. Large dogs and tropical fish tanks can produce moisture too.