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A Whole House Heat Recovery System - energiSava 380

By EnviroVent May 30, 2013

The energiSava 380 is an energy efficient whole house heat recovery system designed for homes with kitchen, bathroom and up to 6 additional wet rooms. Ideal for registered providers who are looking for an energy efficient method to ventilate their housing stock that is both cost effective and easy for the end user to manage.

The energiSava 380 does not require any user intervention, making life easy for the resident. The appliance will work day after day, reducing humidity and eliminating condensation and mould, providing a healthy living environment all year round without any compromise on performance.

Easy to fit

Due to their size and weight, large heat recovery units can be difficult to install. Thanks to its unique modular design, the energiSava 380 fits through a standard loft hatch with ease. What’s more, the maintenance process is also straight forward. With easy access to the electronics, motors and plug in/plug out filters – maintenance is simple and rapid. A small selection of status indication lights on the unit allow installers and maintenance personnel to check that the unit is working.

Creating an ideal indoor environment

In addition, the unit is  SAP Appendix Q  eligible  is up to 93% thermal efficient with a Specific Fan Power (SFP) as low as 0.4w/l/s. The energiSava 380 has been developed for the home, to meet expectations and to deliver where it really matters in reducing household running cost and, importantly, delivering a comfortable living environment for the resident.

Expert’s opinion

When asked if he would have one in his own home, product designer and developer, Peter Haynes said: “Would I have one in my house? The answer is definitely “yes” because I believe it is the best in its class! It is quiet running and just works away in the background without fuss.  It really is a ventilation application designed for the real world, for use in everyday homes.”