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Aggie MacKenzie & EnviroVent Discuss Indoor Air Quality.

Aggie MacKenzie & EnviroVent Discuss Indoor Air Quality.

By EnviroVent Jun 19, 2015



To mark ‘Breathe Easy Week’ (15-21st June) EnviroVent, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of ventilation systems, is urging homeowners to consider their home’s indoor air quality and how it could be affecting their health.

During Breathe Easy Week, EnviroVent has linked up with TV cleaning guru Aggie MacKenzie to raise awareness of the issue. Aggie MacKenzie said: “Poor indoor air quality is a really serious problem. People are aware that the air outside in some towns and cities may be bad for them, but don’t really think about the place where they spend most of their time – at home. Poor ventilation is a major issue and in Breathe Easy Week we’re hoping to alert more homeowners to the fact and encourage them to take action.”

In a series of radio broadcasts being aired this week, Aggie highlights how energy efficient materials, such as triple glazing, cavity and loft installation make homes ‘air tight’ and help to conserve energy, however they can also prohibit the path of ventilation, leaving homes susceptible to condensation and mould.

In an average household, each person will generate four pints of moisture per week in a normal routine of washing, cooking, breathing and drying clothes. Without ventilation, the moist, damp air ends up trapped within the home increasing the levels of humidity. As a result of this, condensation encourages mould growth, which means that the dust mite population starts to thrive. Both dust mites and mould are known asthma triggers, mould can also affect the general well being of the household through a variety of ailments which include headaches, nausea and lethargy.



As well as poor ventilation leading to mould issues, the Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks calculates there are up to 900 chemicals (known as Volatile Organic Compounds) in indoor air, with negative side-effects much more common in properties without adequate ventilation. In fact, figures from the Environmental Protection Agency show the air inside homes could be 70 per cent more polluted than it is outdoors.

Andy Makin, Managing Director at EnviroVent, said: “Poor indoor air quality is a problem for many homes, which may trigger or exacerbate health issues associated with respiratory or dermatological problems. Householders also don’t realise that their homes may be contaminated by Volatile Organic Compounds from a wide range of different chemicals, such as paint, furniture and even cleaning products. The importance of good ventilation in the home should not be underestimated.”

As a UK manufacturer, EnviroVent has a network of approved installers throughout the country. The company offers a complete service from survey, design and manufacture, project design, supply, installation and commissioning.

EnviroVent is one of the pioneers of Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) which works by drawing in fresh, filtered clean air from outside, usually the loft, and gently ventilating the home from a central position on a landing or the central hallway in a flat or bungalow. EnviroVent’s range of Mr Venty® products control humidity and moisture levels, so mould and condensation problems are significantly reduced.

The company also offers its own range of MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems, which uses multiple extract points throughout the home to draw moist air out of the kitchen, bathrooms and utility room areas. The MVHR system recovers around 90 per cent of the heat from this outgoing stale air, before feeding it back into the house as fresh, filtered air, controlling relative humidity in the process.

For more information on improving the indoor air quality in your home, speak to a local EnviroVent Specialist Ventilation Advisor by calling 0845 27 27 807.