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Aggie MacKenzie - Asthma & Indoor Air Quality

Aggie MacKenzie - Asthma & Indoor Air Quality

By EnviroVent Jun 03, 2011

Aggie MacKenzie from the Channel 4 TV series, How Clean Is Your House, discusses indoor air quality and how allergy triggers in your home can cause asthma and allergy problems.



In the interview, Aggie highlights how energy efficient materials such as triple glazing, cavity and loft installation make our homes ‘air tight’ and help us to conserve energy. However, these energy efficient measures can also prohibit the path of ventilation, leaving our homes susceptible to condensation and mould.

On a daily basis, the average family of 4 will contribute around 16 pints of water per day. What’s more, this is just from a normal day’s routine of washing, cooking, breathing and drying clothes.

Without ventilation, the moist, damp air ends up trapped within the home increasing the levels of humidity. As a result of this, the dust mite population will thrive and condensation will occur followed by the appearance of mould. Both dust mites and mould are known asthma triggers, mould can also affect the general well being of the household through a variety of ailments which include headaches, nausea and lethargy.