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Are You Wasting Money On Adequate Ventilation?

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Are You Wasting Money On Adequate Ventilation?

By EnviroVent Aug 15, 2012

“You’ve got to be kidding...right? It’s amazing, how in the world does that tenant still have condensation and mould issues when they had a brand new fan fitted in both the kitchen and bathroom 2 months ago?” Does this ring true with you, baffling isn’t it? Well as 1 in 5 homes across the UK suffers from condensation and mould, most of which have extractor fans and suffer from reoccurring problems, it should not come as too much of a surprise but it does.

Part F of the Building Regulations states: “There shall be adequate means of ventilation provided for people in the building.”

When it comes to ‘adequate ventilation’ are we guilty of focusing on the minimum requirement rather than looking at a bigger picture?  Surely each requirement is different and should be assessed on an individual basis. We need to start by taking into account the factors which determine the type of ventilation required. These include occupancy levels, the fabric and design of the home along with the air flow rates inside the home. Ventilating should not be a tick box exercise to meet a minimum requirement and this is where we make the mistake – wasting money and ending up with inadequate ventilation which does not do the job. Part F is not wrong, but sometimes the assumptions are.

Houses and flats with reoccurring condensation and black mould problems is a telltale sign that whatever is installed is not fit for purpose. Streaming windows and unhappy tenants – it won’t go away unless the factors which determine what ventilation should be fitted are properly assessed.

If you want to eliminate condensation and mould in your housing stock, it is vital that you get the requirement for ventilation exactly right with sufficient airflow rates for the whole building. This will maintain the fabric of the property and keep it free from condensation and mould whilst safeguarding the heath of the occupants.

With 25 years of experience helping registered providers across the UK successfully solve condensation and mould issues within their housing stock, EnviroVent are experts in ventilation.  What’s more, EnviroVent not only provides you and your tenants with the right products to solve condensation and mould problems, they can also help you minimise your future maintenance costs, saving you money through our energy efficient Lifetime Range® of sustainable ventilation solutions.