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Be Prepared This Christmas, Banish Mould & Condensation.

Be Prepared This Christmas, Banish Mould & Condensation.

By EnviroVent Oct 04, 2013

The organised few will have already started preparing for Christmas, presents will have been bought and cards may already have been written! In the run up to the festive season, many householders will be sprucing up their homes ready to welcome relatives and friends in time for Christmas.

As sprucing up a home includes a whole array of things which may include decorating, new sofas and a dining table. One thing is sure, after spending a lot of time, money and effort in ensuring your home looks the business for Christmas, you won’t want it ruined with the appearance of unsightly black mould around your window frames, in the corners of your room and behind furniture.

Black mould is the result of prolonged condensation which is caused by poor ventilation. As we strived to make our homes as energy efficient and cosy as possible with loft and cavity wall insulation and double glazing, in reality we are prohibiting natural ventilation and preventing our properties from breathing. All this is easily remedied by introducing ventilation, sure you can open a window but with rising fuel bills is it really practical to leave windows open for most of the day?

EnviroVent manufacture a range of energy efficient ventilation solutions which includes the Mr Venty Range of condensation control units (suitable for houses and apartments) at their factory in North Yorkshire. We can help you banish condensation and mould from your home, providing you with a comfort and healthy indoor living environment all year round.