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COMPAKT from EnviroVent

COMPAKT from EnviroVent

By EnviroVent Apr 01, 2011

The COMPAKT is the latest addition to EnviroVent’s growing portfolio of innovative heat recovery solutions. A powerful little whole house heat recovery unit which boasts a Specific Fan Power (SFP) as low as 0.37 W/I/s, the lowest SFP on SAP Appendix Q, making it a wise choice for energy conscious specifiers as it exceeds the stringent criteria of the recently revised Building Regulations with ease.

The simplest installation around
Small enough to take up the space of a kitchen cupboard, the COMPAKT is suitable for 1-3 bedroom apartments and houses. What’s more, the unit is EST Best Practice Compliant for up to a kitchen plus 4 wet rooms. The COMPAKT has been designed as an easy one man installation with a unique fixing bracket which can be supplied prior to the unit itself enabling a convenient first fixing of all duct connections. The unit can be ceiling, floor or wall mounted and it is left or right side reversible. In addition to this, the COMPAKT comes complete with an innovative mounting frame that includes 125mm easy fit, self sealing duct connections– making it the simplest installation around.

Easy maintenance
The unit is easily serviced and maintained by incorporating a removable fan and motor module without having to disconnect the ductwork which has already been installed. The filters can be replaced by the end user without the need for tools and all necessary maintenance can be carried out whilst the unit is in situ.