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Condensation and Mould, A Problem For All Asset Managers

Condensation and Mould, A Problem For All Asset Managers

By EnviroVent Apr 27, 2012

Condensation & Mould

Two words that every asset manager is too familiar with!

A good portion of condensation and mould problems are ones which reoccur on an annual basis, usually in the winter months, (although they have been known to cause problems in the warmer months in cases where high occupancy is an issue), sometimes it is just a case of lifestyle. One thing is for sure unless the problem is dealt with it will continue to reoccur day after day, year upon year.

How do you put a stop to condensation and mould problems?

We already know that condensation and mould normally occurs in the cooler months and that certain lifestyle factors along with the fabric of the building and building type are major contributors. As we already have acknowledged, it is not always practical or even possible to put a halt on certain daily activities. Tenants can reduce condensation by keeping the temperature inside the property reasonably constant for as much of the time as possible.

Drying clothes outside, opening windows during cooking and washing, and keeping furniture away from walls can also help to reduce the amount of condensation in a property. Although these are relatively effective methods of reducing the amount of condensation, there is in fact a simpler solution – good, effective ventilation.

At EnviroVent, we will take full ownership of your problems and we guarantee to solve them. Thanks to our award winning products, which are designed specifically for social housing, we have been curing condensation and mould since 1987. We have an experienced nationwide team of electrically qualified engineers on board, all who understand social housing, condensation and mould problems and dealing with tenants. What’s more, our Rapid Response Service guarantees we’ll solve your problems in two weeks or your money back!

If you report a condensation and mould problem to the EnviroVent Rapid Response Team, we will:

  1. Contact your tenant(s) within 24 hours.
  2. Arrange a time and date to visit the affected property.
  3. Call or email you confirming that contact has been made.
  4. Dispatch a Rapid Response engineer within days.
  5. Ensure the engineer solves the problem on the first visit.

Thanks to EnviroVent’s energy efficient ventilation solutions, you can wave goodbye to condensation and mould altogether! 

For more information on good ventilation in social housing, why not call EnviroVent on 0845 27 27 810.