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Condensation Control Solutions

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By EnviroVent Feb 04, 2019

A reported 70% of damp problems in the home are caused by condensation. The condensation appears in your property due to a lack of balance between heating and ventilation, resulting in a rise in relative humidity levels indoors.

When you leave your house or turn off the heating at night the temperature in your property drops dramatically which in turn causes the moisture that has collected in the air to be deposited onto cold surfaces, leaving you with condensation on your windows and walls.

Left untreated, the level of condensation in your property can cause hundreds of pounds of damage to walls, windows, curtains, carpets and furniture. Not to mention the mould growth, silverfish and respiratory problems that can occur due to the damp environment.

Condensation is a common problem but there is a solution to control condensation and once we have accessed the problem and understand the contributing factors it can be resolved quickly and effectively. In fact, we offer a guarantee that our condensation control units will get rid of your problem completely.

The Signs Of Condensation

If you notice any of the following symptoms in your property then it is extremely likely that you have a condensation problem:

  1. Excess water on your windows or streaming windows.
  2. Mould growing on your windows, walls, ceilings or furniture.
  3. Mildew appearing on bathroom tiles and sealant
  4. Peeling wallpaper or damp plasterboard.

Control Condensation

Unlike a dehumidifier which is expensive to run and only provides a short term remedy, a condensation control unit provides whole house ventilation and can remove the moisture in your property and replace it with fresh, dry air. By doing so it can remove the condensation from your property and continuously control and keep the levels of condensation to a minimum.

If certain circumstances, if an areas of your property suffer from excessive moisture, such as a bathroom or kitchen, we may also advise you to install an extractor fan with a humidity tracking control to monitor the humidity levels and automatically increase the motor speed as the moisture levels rise.

EnviroVent’s condensation control solutions are designed to last the lifetime of your property, so the investment will save you money in the long run, the guaranteed cure will ensure you never need to redecorate due to condensation or mould problems again, or replace cheap, ineffective extract fans.