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Cut Carbon Emissions In Commercial Building Stock.

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Cut Carbon Emissions In Commercial Building Stock.

By EnviroVent Jun 14, 2012

Following the government’s ambitious target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, businesses have been striving to reduce the carbon impact of their operations, especially as the need for business sustainability increases. So, how can businesses reduce their carbon impact, especially if they fear they will struggle to fund such changes?

At present, it seems commercial premises are largely overlooked, and it’s understood that the built environment accounts for a surprising 44% of UK emissions. What’s more, it’s suggested that just 2% of existing stock is less than five years old, which means that a good chunk of the nation’s commercial buildings are probably not very environmentally friendly at all - creating a significant challenge to reducing carbon emissions!

However, thanks to new legislation and up and coming schemes such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, Green Deal and changes to Part L building regulations, there is now the potential to motivate both tenants and landlords to help cut carbon emissions and improve the overall environmental impact of all UK buildings. Although businesses must now take into consideration the efficiencies of their operations and consider ways to invest in environmental measures, businesses remain concerned about funding these changes.

Retrofitting commercial building stock - a smart approach

Offering a smart alternative to rebuilding, retrofitting can be achieved in less time and at a lower cost. Aside from significantly reducing a building’s environmental impact, retrofitting improves building performance and even cuts running costs and energy bills.

As ventilation plays a necessary part in the architecture of every building, it plays a vital role within this frame work -  reducing the energy demand by efficient ventilation in commercial properties can contribute to helping the nation achieve its goal in meeting its climate targets. It is also important to note that the effect of poor ventilation in the workplace can be really quite dramatic, as problems with indoor air quality can lead to allergies, headaches and poor concentration.

EnviroVent’s energiVent® IMPACT is a commercial Single Room Heat Recovery (SRHR) Ventilation unit, designed as an energy efficient alternative to commercial extract ventilation. To realise just how unique and innovative the unit really is you need to know how it works.

So how does it work?

energiVent® IMPACT provides continuous extract ventilation. This extracted air passes through the heat exchange cell before reaching atmosphere. Simultaneously, fresh air is drawn into the unit from outside, collecting up to 75% of the heat as it passes over the heat exchange cell, before being delivered back into the room, providing all year round good indoor air quality.

Ideal for smaller commercial properties such as pubs, libraries, doctor’s surgeries, dentists, gyms, shops and offices, energiVent® IMPACT delivers significant energy savings in one simple to install compact unit. Offering the perfect ventilation solution for new build and existing properties, energiVent® IMPACT is quiet and easy to maintain. It even comes with a five-year guarantee.

energiVent® IMPACT is a product that can play an important role in achieving reduced carbon emissions whilst saving energy and, especially in an uncertain economic climate, help to save money.

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