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Designed To Last Longer - The Filterless Infinity Fan

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Designed To Last Longer - The Filterless Infinity Fan

By EnviroVent Nov 01, 2013

EnviroVent have been continually refining Filterless Extract Technology since it invented it 10 years ago, which has reduced social housing landlord’s extractor fan maintenance costs by tens of millions of pounds. EnviroVent is now proud to launch its latest innovation – the Filterless Infinity, designed specifically for the social housing market, offering a no quibble, maintenance-free 7 year warranty.

Forward planning made easy

The introduction of the self-financing system in 2012 has been instrumental in changing the way local authorities plan their budgets especially when it comes to housing. Procurement decisions are no longer constrained by price, with the focus now firmly shifting from the cost to the longevity of the product. With its 7 year maintenance – free warranty, the Filterless Infinity offers registered providers the ultimate in product confidence and the lowest lifecycle costs ever.

After 7 years or beyond, the plug in/plug out central cartridge can be exchanged with a further 7 year maintenance-free warranty reinstated. As part of the award winning Lifetime Range®, the Filterless Infinity is designed to never end up on landfill site, built with sustainable components and powered by a DC motor to deliver optimum performance using minimal energy.

How does the Filterless Infinity work?

Incorporating EnviroVent’s patented Cyclone Separation Technology, the Filterless Infinity draws in the stale, humid air which is then thrown outwards through a dual powered expansion chamber where it expands out to atmosphere, without the need for filters which can become clogged.

Unrivalled Technology

Running continuously on trickle, the Filterless Infinity ensures that condensation and high levels of humidity are kept at bay. There are no fiddly selection switches for commissioning and the clever self -setting technology automatically monitors and responds to the humidity levels in the home using intelligent vapour tracking controls. No user intervention is required; condensation is controlled quietly and efficiently. In addition, the Filterless Infinity can boost to up to 4 times the minimum ventilation rate of the Building Regulations, this is particularly important  when it comes to controlling condensation as a result of everyday household activities such as drying laundry indoors.

Made in the UK, the Filterless Infinity is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, WCs and utility rooms; it is available in 230V or SELV versions. What’s more, the unit also comes with a Usage Meter so that the Filterless Infinity’s operational life can be easily monitored. EnviroVent’s latest innovation will help asset managers across the country save millions of pounds in future maintenance and replacement costs, whilst reducing their carbon footprint and keeping the properties they manage free from condensation and mould.