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Did You Wake Up To Window Condensation This Morning?

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Did You Wake Up To Window Condensation This Morning?

By EnviroVent Jan 15, 2013

If you woke up to condensation streaming down your bedroom windows this morning then you should brace yourself because temperatures are set to plummet. 

So if you’re suffering from condensation and mould be prepared – it could get worse!

Prolonged condensation leads to black mould appearing around window frames, on walls (in corners) and on doors. A damp, humid home is pretty depressing at the best of times and if you or a member of your family suffers from asthma, it could make their symptoms worse.

How to Control Window Condensation

Cleaning up condensation is a constant daily core and getting rid of mould is a thankless task, the root cause of condensation is poor ventilation and believe it or not this can be dealt with very effectively by a condensation unit control from the Mr Venty range. Our approved installers will fit the unit without the need for extensive work or costly redecoration, the unit simple sits in the loft space and controls the humidity and air levels within the home. 

Watch the current TV ad below to find out how a Mr Venty unit can help you and your home become condensation free!

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