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Do Rising Energy Costs Make You Vulnerable To Condensation?

By EnviroVent Dec 06, 2018

Each year millions of people in the UK struggle to keep warm in winter. Adding to the misery of stretched household budgets are rising energy costs - to many the prospect of Christmas certainly is not a merry one!

The Government’s advice to people who are finding it hard to heat their homes is to heat only one room (usually the living room) and to heat their bedroom(s) before going to bed at night. However, this means that the rooms left unheated will be cold and vulnerable to condensation followed by the unwelcome appearance of black mould usually in the following places:

  • Around window frames
  • In the corners of rooms
  • Behind furniture
  • On walls
  • On doors
  • In wardrobes, on clothes

There is a limit on how much black mould you can keep on wiping away... it always comes back! You can use mould solutions but over time (or rather when condensation returns) the black mould will come back.

As you can imagine it is really depressing for anyone living in these conditions, finding it hard to keep warm and on top of that having to face condensation and mould on a daily basis. What’s more, living with condensation and mould can also affect the health of the occupants with headaches, sinus problems and even lethargy. A known allergen and irritant, mould is a trigger for respiratory problems, and for some, a recipe for a miserable Christmas.

Whilst parliament is addressing the cost of fuel, the problem of condensation and mould can be easily solved by introducing (energy efficient) ventilation. EnviroVent manufactures a wide range of sustainable ventilation solutions which will eliminate condensation and mould for good. The Lifetime Range® includes Positive Input Ventilation Units (PIV), extractor fans and heat recovery systems. PIV can help enhance heat distribution whilst heat recovery systems recovery a percentage of the heat from the air that would normally be lost through extraction. Each product has a 5 year warranty, with the exception of the new Filterless Infinity which has an unbeatable 7 year guarantee.