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Don't Let Musty Smells Ruin Your Business

Don't Let Musty Smells Ruin Your Business

By EnviroVent Aug 15, 2012

There’s no doubt we all want to be able to create a comfortable and healthy environment for our customers and colleagues. So, why let musty smells jeopardise your business, all because of a poorly ventilated property?

Don’t just mask the musty smells; get rid of them!

As you may already know, the effects of poor ventilation can be dramatic. Regardless of where you work or socialise, problems with indoor air quality can crop up (and will keep returning unless the problem is sorted!), causing allergies, headaches, lethargy and poor concentration.

Following the smoking ban in public places, many fans in pubs and restaurants have been switched off. As a result, you may notice that when you go into a pub early in the morning, it stinks of stale odours; this is because there is no exit for the musty smells.

Inviting customers into a pub or bar that harbours stale odours or disrepair caused by condensation problems can be off-putting, besides, nobody wants to enjoy a drink after work whilst inhaling an unpleasant smell.

There is no excuse for poor, inefficient ventilation; covering the smells up with chemical air fresheners isn’t going to do the job! Providing clean, healthy air that doesn’t cost the earth should no longer be an afterthought.

A solution for musty smells and poor ventilation

Although some pub/bar owners may not favour the thought of investing in solutions to diminish problems caused by poor ventilation, in actual fact, there are simple and affordable ways of ventilating the premises and therefore diminish musty smells. All you need to do is provide an all-year round energy efficient ventilation solution such as the energiVent® IMPACT.

What an IMPACT!

Thanks to the energiVent® IMPACT, you can breathe fresh air into your business while delivering significant energy savings in a simple to install compact unit!

Ideal for small premises such as pubs, bars, and restaurants, EnviroVent’s super sustainable energiVent® IMPACT is an energy efficient commercial Single Room Heat Recovery (SRHR) Ventilation unit. It has been developed for an easy one-man installation for both new build and refurbishment projects, as an energy efficient alternative to commercial extract ventilation.

An ideal replacement for old, inefficient fans, the unit recovers up to 75% of the heat that would normally be lost through extraction, it even prevents any natural heat loss that normally would escape through an old, inefficient fan offering substantial annual savings on heating costs!