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Don't Let Ventilation Be An Afterthought

Don't Let Ventilation Be An Afterthought

By EnviroVent Oct 26, 2010

Ventilation is a necessary part of modern day life. As we construct or refurbish our homes in-line with stringent building regulations to become more energy efficient, the improvements made by adding cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing can actually work against us. By implementing these various improvements we have effectively ‘sealed up’ our homes and by doing so create poor ventilation, which can lead to condensation problems and mould problems.

EnviroVent’s innovative MIV® Air Source is a whole house ventilation system which provides a clean, fresh and healthy indoor environment all year round.

The MIV® Air Source has the ability to supply fresh, filtered air via multiple inputs into areas of the home that have a greater requirement for ventilation, such as the kitchen, bathrooms or utility room. The fresh air inputs can also be located in bedrooms or living spaces with particularly bad condensation to reduce the high levels of humidity – sufferers of asthma and other respiratory problems should find this type of ventilation significantly beneficial.

Backed by a 5-year guarantee, the MIV® Air Source fits into the loft space. In addition to efficient ventilation, the unit helps to redistribute heat around the home, reducing space heating costs by up to 10% – which could add up to significant savings towards the annual household fuel bill.

EnviroVent manufactures an extensive range of ventilation products to suit all properties and requirements.