energiVent® FLOW - changing the face of heat recovery

energiVent® FLOW - changing the face of heat recovery27/10/2010

By EnviroVent

EnviroVent launched its latest innovative heat recovery system, energiVent® FLOW, at Ecobuild this year.  Free from the inherent problems associated with traditional systems, energiVent® FLOW adds a whole new dimension to heat recovery technology designed for the home.

How is it different?

Conventional heat recovery systems have built-in filters which protect the unit from becoming clogged up. These filters require regular maintenance by a professional tradesman to ensure that the system operates efficiently and continues to provide all the energy efficient benefits it was specified for.

energiVent Flow® eliminates the requirement for costly maintenance due to the uniquely designed counter-flow heat exchange cell which allows the unit to perform without the need for a filter. As the airflow in the cell is laminar and not turbulent; particles remain suspended within the airflow unable to settle on the cell walls making sure the contaminants never make contact with the sides of the internal mechanisms. Another fundamental flaw found in traditional heat recovery systems is unprotected ductwork; dirty ducts circulate dirty air and provide a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.  

Nine out of ten failures in ventilation systems are caused by the build-up of dirt and dust, with dirty ventilation systems becoming a major contributor to “Sick Building Syndrome”. Offering the cleanest system possible the ductwork connected to energiVent® Flow is protected with  filters located at the air extract  and supply points in the property, protecting the ductwork from grease, dust and the build up of microbial bacteria. These filters are easy to remove and can be washed in warm water by the occupant; the heat recovery cell should never require cleaning.


Manufactured in the UK, energiVent ®FLOW has been engineered with sustainable components and is designed to outlast the lifespan of the property it is installed in. The Ultra Low Watt DC Motor Technology combined with the high efficiency counter-flow heat exchange cell allows the MVHR to operate at outstanding levels of energy efficiency and is SAP Appendix Q eligible. energiVent ®FLOW comes with an integral summer by-pass, numerous innovative control options and an on-going 5 year warranty.

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Martin Haydon Wed, 9th May 2018
MVHR systems are the way forward. Problem is that you have to change the air filters regularly which is annoying.