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EnviroVent Meets Efficiency East Midlands Approval

EnviroVent Meets Efficiency East Midlands Approval

By EnviroVent Feb 01, 2012

EnviroVent are the approved ventilation supplier for the buying consortium, Efficiency East Midlands (EEM), following a tough tendering process jointly undertaken with their partners, Central Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC). In November last year, EnviroVent’s Filterless Extract Fan was fitted into the bathroom and kitchen of a specially designed show home in Queniborough, Leicestershire.

Managing Director for EEM, Pete Smith, explained “We have previously displayed items such as extractor fans at exhibitions; however, there is no substitute for a real home environment which allows officers and residents to experience how the product works for themselves. In the case of EnviroVent’s Filterless Fan they will have the opportunity to hear how quiet it is and how reactive it becomes to changes in humidity.”

Pete continued: “The cartridge concept in the EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fan is a real winner for future maintenance, the product comes with a five year warranty, and you do not have to be an electrician to replace the cartridge which will bring housing providers significant savings in the future.”

In 2009, the EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fan received royal approval by winning the coveted Queen’s Award for product innovation. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Filterless Fan reflects EnviroVent’s commitment to develop ‘Fans for Life, Not for Landfill’. By ‘designing out disrepair’ the fan has been developed to last as long as the building it is installed in. All repair, maintenance and component replacement is carried out simply and quickly by exchanging the plug out/plug in central cartridge. This ‘when necessary’ cartridge exchange with reworked components ensures that the basic fan installation will remain intact throughout the repair cycle of the dwelling, removing the wasteful disposal of plastic and other non biodegradable material to landfill sites.

Efficiency East Midlands was launched in July 2010 with 5 members to support housing providers across the East Midlands to realise efficiency savings through collaboration. Since the launch, the consortium has gone from strength to strength and now has 17 members who maintain a combined housing stock of 156,000 homes. Efficiency East Midlands success has developed the consortia and is now operating as a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee owned by its members where any surpluses made will be used to pay for community projects. The show house has now been let to a young family who have benefitted from the generosity of the Efficiency East Midlands suppliers and contractors.