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EnviroVent Reach Final Of Franchisor Of The Year Awards

EnviroVent Reach Final Of Franchisor Of The Year Awards

By EnviroVent Apr 01, 2012

Winners of the Best Large Business at this Year's Ackrill Media Awards, EnviroVent, have reached the finals of the British Franchise Association (BFA) Franchisor of the Year Awards in the category Brand Builder of the Year.

Flying the flag as British manufacturers of sustainable ventilation solutions, the company, who have enjoyed continued growth despite recent economic instability, expanded into the private landlord and homeowner market in 2009 creating a new sales division serviced by a network of franchisees.

Traditionally,EnviroVent’s target market was the B2B developer, architect and specifier market with a heavy focus towards technical and product-led content, now the company’s marketing team had to look at ways to build brand awareness and educate a whole new audience on the importance and benefits of good indoor air quality. Through various marketing activities including press advertising, PR and exhibitions along with localised activities such as carrying out presentations at local landlord forums through out the country as well as being accredited with the National Landlords Association (NLA) and the Regional Landlord Association (RLA), EnviroVent successfully raised brand awareness.

The landlord events proved particularly successful, as the audience quickly grasped the effectiveness of the products and the money which could be saved in the long term by protecting the fabric of their investment against condensation and mould problems. Also targeted were homeowners , where the task was to educate them about indoor air quality, this audience quickly recognised that not only did EnviroVent’s products provide a solution to their condensation and mould issues, but could be beneficial to their health as well. As EnviroVent’s units stabilise the levels of humidity in the home to reduce condensation and mould, in doing so they also reduce the house dust mite population, a known trigger for asthma and allergies, helping to alleviate the symptoms of the sufferer.

In January 2012, the company took brand awareness a step further by breaking into new ground with the launch of their very first TV ad campaign. Since launching the domestic division in 2009, the company has seen continued growth in this area, with sales at the end of 2011/12 44% up on the previous year. Phil Harrison, EnviroVent’s Franchise Manager, said. “With over 20 million private households in the UK presenting us with a huge opportunity, we have 49 territories covering England, Scotland and Wales. As a result each franchisee will own a territory containing approximately 400,000 households and 1 million in population. So far we have sold 27 territories and have franchises covering areas in the South, Midlands, North, Wales and Scotland.”

Becoming an EnviroVent franchise owner involves in depth training followed up by continuous support from a designated team led by Phil based at the Harrogate office. Once trained, the franchisees become known as Ventilation Experts and the service which each one offers includes a free, no obligation home survey–offered to both homeowners and private landlords.

A home survey enables the Ventilation Expert to assess the problem using a device called a therma-hygrometer which measures the relative humidity levels in the property. The result of the survey will allow them to determine and recommend the correct type of ventilation for the dwelling to effectively solve condensation problems and improve indoor air quality.

The HSBC Franchisor of the Year Award ceremony takes place in June after a preliminary presentation to a panel of judges at the offices of the Express Newspapers in May.