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Fed Up With That Noisy Extract Fan

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Fed Up With That Noisy Extract Fan

By EnviroVent Jul 10, 2014

Noisy extract fans and ventilation units can be a constant source of annoyance. There are a number of reasons why they are noisy, these include:

  • Blocked filters
  • Old and inefficient motors
  • Poor installation

Noisy ‘annoying’ fans in commercial premises usually get switched off, which means there is no ventilation for the building at all, creating poor indoor air quality. So much so, that this can even go some way to reducing the productivity of a workforce or discouraging your customers from visiting your premises.

The SILENT in-line extract fans from EnviroVent are the quietest on the market and can be used in a wide number of both domestic and commercial ventilation applications such as hairdressers, cafes, libraries, offices and other public spaces – perfect for installations where space is restricted. How are they so quiet?

Due to the unique perforated design of the casing, sound waves are directed into the absorbent material, preventing air leakage and minimising noise. What’s more they’re easy to install and maintain, easily fitting into a ceiling void, and are available in a number of different sizes to offer varying airflows depending on the size and application of the installation.

Recognised for its acoustic performance, the range has been awarded the Quiet Mark 2013 by the noise abatement society.

Once installed you’ll never know they exist!