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Filterless Fan, Save Money And Protect Housing Stock.

Filterless Fan, Save Money And Protect Housing Stock.

By EnviroVent Jun 28, 2013

Streaming windows and condensation are a common problem in homes all over Britain. What’s more, in some properties, where the problem is acute, what is normally associated as a seasonal problem could be in fact rife throughout the summer months as well – resulting in all year round misery for the resident. Without adequate ventilation everyday activities like cooking, showering and drying clothes indoors can quickly cause humidity levels to rise above the ideal level of 50-60%.

This can lead to mould growth and if left unchecked can cause damage to the fabric of the building, and even harm the health of the occupants. Now you could argue that it is the occupant’s fault, they don’t use the fan in the kitchen or bathroom, their lifestyle is to blame – actually that may not be the case. There are extract fans on the market that simply don’t cut the mustard; they are not powerful enough to produce the airflow needed to clear the excess moisture.

Launched back in 2005, the Filterless Extract Fan is a popular choice with registered providers for the following reasons:

  • Unique patented cartridge system
  • Filterless technology
  • Ultra Low Watt motor technology
  • Maintenance free carcass
  • Automatic vapour tracking function
  • Low voltage model available
  • On-going 5 year guarantee
  • Ideal for all applications
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Low life-cycle costings
  • Designed for the life of the building
  • Easy to clean
  • Whisper quiet running

The fan doesn’t have any filters to get clogged up, it retains its high performance levels much longer than traditional extract fans. The filterless fan received royal approval in 2009 when it was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

Running continuously at a low trickle rate means that the fan is constantly tackling the problem of high humidity. In addition, the fan also constantly tracks the moisture level in the air and automatically increases speed as the humidity increases, for instance if the resident is cooking or showering.

In a nutshell, the Filterless Extract Fan saves you money, protects your housing stock, and safeguards the health of your tenants. It is the ideal solution for houses with high humidity and associated mould and damp problems.