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Harrogate Ventilation Manufacturer Helps Transform Home For Welwyn Garden City Family

By EnviroVent Jun 14, 2017

Harrogate-based ventilation manufacturer, EnviroVent is proud to have played a part in transforming the lives of a Welwyn Garden City family who will appear on BBC One’s DIY SOS - The Big Build TV programme on Thursday 15th June at 9pm.

In just nine days, the programme transformed the home and life of Sascha Koutrouza, a midwife who suffers from kidney disease, and her family of four children. Sascha has to endure intensive dialysis at the hospital just to stay alive. This intense dialysis for hours on end, five days a week, places her body under immense stress and with the constant threat of life-risking blood clots.

The renovations and the extension to the family property include a dedicated home dialysis room within a single storey extension, which means that Sascha will be able to carry out self-dialysis daily from home. This increase in frequency and the decrease in intensity could extend her life expectancy and significantly improve her quality of life.

As part of this life changing transformation to the home, EnviroVent installed a Mr Venty ECO2 loft ventilation unit. This energy efficient, whole house system gently ventilates the home to transform a stagnant and stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy and condensation free environment. Alongside this, EnviroVent also installed two Cyclone 7 fans designed to deliver high performance in controlling humidity levels in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms using the lowest energy consumption.

Scott Evans, EnviroVent’s local ventilation specialists who fitted the products said: “When we heard about the family in need, we were only too happy to get involved. It has been a very rewarding project and it is great to be part of something that has made such a difference to this family, making life so much better for them for the future.”