How to get rid of black mould permanently

How to get rid of black mould permanently07/05/2014

By EnviroVent

Summer is on its way!

It’s time to put away the winter woollies and celebrates the days getting longer and sunlight pouring into our homes!

Well, that’s the theory but then when it comes to the Great British Summer, the weather may have other ideas. Last year was a scorcher but the year before that was miserable, whatever the weather decides to do many homeowners will be taking the opportunity over the coming months to freshen up their homes.

Daylight is a wonderful thing but it certainly shines a light on surfaces, walls and paint work. Suddenly there are grubby marks everywhere accompanied by dust, both turning up in places you never imagined they could. These are relatively minor things and can usually be resolved with a bit of elbow grease and a good cleaner, however in some cases the dirty black marks are not dirty black marks - it is mould.

So how do you get rid of black mould that appears in your home?

Black Mould

Black mould is unsightly, difficult to remove and can be a health hazard. What’s more, it’s usually a sign of another problem, one that has probably occurred over the winter months and is caused by poor ventilation. Most people have experienced waking up to streaming windows, as a child you may have written your name or drawn a face on the wet window pane but that’s where the fun ends. Prolonged condensation can lead to black mould which literally leaves its mark around the home, it can appear on:

  • Window frames
  • Walls
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Clothes in a wardrobe
  • Floors

It’s pretty gross when you think it can invade your wardrobe, ruin your shoes and leather bags. Furthermore, it can make your clothes smell musty and feel damp – it’s definitely not a confidence booster plus it can turn out to be expensive. There are specialist cleaning products which remove mould, and if the mould is severe, you may need to get a specialist in to remove it. Mould spores moves around through the air in the home, invisible to the naked eye, looking for damp, wet areas where it thrives. The only way to successfully remove black mould for good is to stop it from thriving by getting rid of the condensation - by improving your home ventilation.

A Permanent Solution

EnviroVent’s range of Mr Venty condensation control units will banish condensation from your home and replace it with fresh, filtered air 24 hours a day, every day. The Mr Venty Range is eco-friendly and energy efficient, as well as controlling condensation and eliminating mould they can also redistribute warm air around your home, helping you to save on heating costs.


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