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How To Stop Condensation And Mould This Winter

How To Stop Condensation And Mould This Winter

By EnviroVent Nov 28, 2012

Don’t let condensation and mould get you down this winter, let Mr Venty come to the rescue and breathe life back into your home. 

Are you suffering from condensation on windows, sick of seeing black mould appear in places that you never thought it could? To add insult to injury do some areas of your home now feel damp and smell musty?

How can you stop condensation from developing on your windows and walls?

Well you can keep on wiping up the mess and leave your windows open for a temporary fix. You can also buy as much mould treatment as you like, whilst it may remove the ugly black mould it won’t prevent it from returning. Just like opening the windows won’t prevent wasting all your heat. 

How to stop condensation on windows

The only sure way to solve the problem is to deal with the cause and introduce good ventilation into your home.  Easier said than done, and does this mean you have to spend your life opening and closing windows?  Well you can breathe a sigh of relief, help is now at hand, stop condensation and mould in their tracks with Mr Venty! Made in Britain, EnviroVent’s Mr Venty range of energy efficient condensation control units will get rid of condensation and mould problems for good.

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