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Mould – The First Encounter May Not Be Your last!

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Mould – The First Encounter May Not Be Your last!

By EnviroVent Sep 25, 2012

Most of us first encounter mould when we are children whilst at school learning all about Alexander Fleming and his famous discovery of penicillin. Today many of us may also be experiencing mould in our own homes, around our windows, walls and even doors. And have you even tried to treat mould? No matter how much you scrub, if you don’t solve the initial problem it really won’t go away.

So just what are you supposed to do? Some homes have severe mould problems where suspected mildew (a type of mould) has started to appear on mattresses, in shoes and even on clothes!

Mould has an aspiring partner called condensation and both are a sure sign of poor ventilation within the home. Solve this and your issues with condensation and mould should clear up.

Mr Venty to the rescue

So why not save yourself time and money by achieving good indoor air quality through the aid of EnviroVent’s PIV units from the Mr Venty Range. These units deliver fresh, filtered and clean air into the home, gently ventilating it using a technique called Positive Input Ventilation (PIV).

This method dilutes high humidity levels, combating condensation and mould whilst also reducing the dust mite population (which is good news for asthma and allergy sufferers) to create a healthy all year round living environment. What's more, the Mr Venty Range of condensation-control units can help you to save up to 10% on space heating costs, an added bonus for a healthy home!