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Proactive Approach to Ventilation for Your Housing Stock

Proactive Approach to Ventilation for Your Housing Stock

By EnviroVent Jun 20, 2012

The UK’s social housing stock plays a major role towards the nation’s ambitious target to reduce its carbon emissions by 80% for 2050, making the push towards energy efficiency a high priority on the agenda. As registered providers embark on retrofit projects using materials to increase energy efficiency, eco-friendly ventilation in social housing has never been more important.

EnviroVent’s sustainable ventilation solutions are a simple way of helping you to reduce your housing stock’s carbon emissions, along with preventing any future mould and condensation problems – yes, that’s right – you can kill two birds with one stone through ventilation! It’s as easy as that.

Ventilation for your Housing Stock

It’s wise to note that preventing condensation and mould problems is far easier, quicker and cheaper than curing such problems. Don’t let ventilation for social housing be an after-thought; condensation and mould can seriously take its toll on the health of those living in the affected property, which is why clean air really does matter.  

Proactive approach from Havebury Housing Partnership

When it comes to dealing with the prospect of condensation and mould issues within their housing stock, Havebury Housing Partnership have been working on the basis that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Through their refurbishment programme, which included improvements such as double-glazing, cavity wall and loft insulation and EnviroVent’s PIV units, Havebury have achieved a carbon emission reduction of 56% over the last 16 years, including the entire prevention of mould and condensation problems. 

Providing the UK housing stock with a proactive solution

Positive Input Ventilation is a whole house ventilation system that works by drawing fresh air in from outside and gently ventilating the property from a central position. EnviroVent’s PIV Units have proven to be incredibly popular amongst housing stock, thanks to their environmentally friendly characteristics and proven track record in providing energy efficient ventilation solutions for households across the nation.

Powered by an ultra low watt motor, the units use the latest technology to keep energy use to a minimum, which therefore reduces carbon emissions. The units have been backed up by an ongoing five-year warranty and also ensure easy maintenance. In these days of rising energy costs it makes sense to choose products that offer significant savings to both registered providers and their tenants.

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