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Removing Musty Smells And Stale Odours From Your Home.

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Removing Musty Smells And Stale Odours From Your Home.

By EnviroVent Oct 11, 2012

Musty smells are a common problem in many households but many homeowners are completely unaware what the source of the problem maybe. Unfortunately, there may be an even bigger problem lingering around the house than just a stale odour…

What could be the cause of that musty smell in your home?

Aside from being considerably unpleasant, musty smells are often attributed to various health problems, as they could be down to a much larger problem - mould.

Mould moves through the air as tiny microscopic mould spores that settle in damp areas of the home, usually in kitchens, utility rooms, basements and bathrooms. Any home that is suffering from damp problems is usually affected by mould or mildew.

Those stale musty smells lingering in your house may be which are gases produced from mould fungal colonies. These smelly gases are known to cause headaches, nausea and fatigue when inhaled, which can take its toll on the health of those living in the affected property after time.

What’s more, mould is a known allergen and trigger for respiratory problems so someone with asthma may have trouble breathing in mould-affected properties.

Why is mould such a problem?

Aside from having a detrimental affect on the health on those who inhale these tiny mould spores, mould can also damage the property’s interiors. Mould discolours objects and even walls by a layer of fungal growth, leaving a dusty texture and stale smell behind. If your home is suffering from mould then you’re only inviting guests into nothing other than a stale and unhealthy environment!

How can you get rid of mould and remove musty smells for good?

As mould is caused by prolonged condensation, the only way to get rid of mould and fungal colonies is to reduce the relative humidity in your home. You can do this by ventilating your property using a whole house ventilation system, which will automatically diminish damp and condensation and prevent mould problems, meaning you’ll no longer have to suffer from stale smells! One thing you mustn’t do is paint over the problem. Painting over the problem is simply a waste of time and money, as mould will continue to thrive, resulting in the continuous dispersion of mould spores.

EnviroVent offer a wide range of ventilation products, including products from our Positive Input Ventilation range which are designed to fight condensation and mould.