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Silent 100 Extractor Fan - Designed to be Silent

Silent 100 Extractor Fan - Designed to be Silent

By EnviroVent Oct 27, 2010

Extractor fans are an essential part of modern day life; but trying to source one that’s aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t let out a constant whirr from the corner of the room can be quite exhausting. Thankfully, EnviroVent’s range of silent extractor fans has been designed with elegance and silence in mind!

Innovative Silence

It just so happens that EnviroVent’s SILENT range of domestic axial fans incorporate whisper-quiet silent technology, in addition to minimalistic and stylish visual features. Designed for wall, ceiling and in-line implications, the models are suitable for WC, bathroom, utility room and kitchen installations. The fans are available with a variety of functions including PIR movement detectors, adjustable humidity sensors and timers.

The SILENT 100 and SILENT 100 Design are available with a silver finish and the SILENT 100 also includes a SELV version. In addition, the SILENT 100 range was awarded the quiet mark by the Noise Abatement Society; it is essentially the the international mark of approval, providing worldwide manufacturers the chance to deliver their products for testing, in addition to being officially recognised for their quiet noise levels. The extract fans from the SILENT range are the result of a long and meticulous development process by the R&D Innovation Department at EnviroVent, who have patented a new concept which brings about a revolutionary change in extract fan design to extract the maximum airflow with the minimum noise possible.

How is this possible?

The motors are mounted on silent elastic blocks, which absorb the vibrations. So, not only is the noise from the extract fan significantly reduced, but so is the noise from the surface which supports it.

The versatile in-line SILENT MV fan range (which is the quietest in-line duct fan range in their class!) is ideal for small commercial and public spaces, and thanks to its flexibility, it can be used in small and medium fan installations, including domestic applications. What’s more, SILENT MV fans ensure that optimum comfort is achieved without the disturbance of a noisy ventilation system!