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Small But Mighty – The energiSava 280

Small But Mighty – The energiSava 280

By EnviroVent Nov 26, 2012

If you are looking for a heat recovery system to fit into a small space, look no further – the energiSava 280 could be the ideal solution for you!The energiSava is small but mighty - it is perfect for houses and apartments and, although compact, it will ventilate properties with a kitchen and up to seven additional wet rooms.

Good for SAP

This compact MVHR performs exceptionally well in SAP with a low Specific Fan Power (SFP) of 0.58 W/l/s and a high thermal efficiency of 89%.  And its good news when it comes to installation - the energiSava 280 can be mounted within the space of a standard kitchen cupboard, fitted within a loft space or installed at high level in a utility room. What’s more, the unit is also flexible when it comes to configuration, it can be specified with 4 connections on top or as a 2x2 (2 on top and 2 below).

Manufactured in the UK, the heat recovery unit has been designed to outlast the lifecycle of the building it is installed in and comes with an automatic integral summer by-pass and intelligent humidity tracking as standard, both operate automatically and require no user intervention. The energiSava 280 also has optional innovative control options which include PIR Sensing, Hibernation Mode and Intelligent Room Zoning.