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The Silent Design 100 - Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan

The Silent Design 100 - Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan

By EnviroVent Oct 27, 2010

Interior designers have a huge influence in the way we furnish and decorate our homes. This is reflected by current high street trends from the colour we paint our walls right down to the chrome finish on a tap. However, even today, there are certain appliances which still prove to be a challenge for the style conscious.

Extract fans play a necessary part in modern day life, ventilation is vital if we want our homes to be free from condensation and mould. Traditionally, extract fans are practical devices and not always the most visually appealing. However, the consumer who has just spent a small fortune on a fabulous new bathroom may require something a bit more pleasing on the eye.

Designed to be Silent

EnviroVent’s stylish SILENT 100 Design Fan is ideal for bathrooms, utility rooms and WCs. It is available in two colours, white or silver and has four smart looking interchangeable front panel trims in four evocative shades. What’s more, by incorporating whisper-quiet silent technology, the presence of the SILENT 100 Design Fan promises never to ruin the ambiance of the room it is installed in. 

In 2013, the SILENT 100 Design Fan received the Noise Abatement’s Society’s seal of approval - the Quiet Mark. This versatile little number can be wall or ceiling mounted and is also available with timer and humidity sensor options.