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Company Statement

In response to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the UK, which is causing much concern and confusion to people and businesses, EnviroVent would like to share our current position with our customers.

EnviroVent takes the health & safety of our staff and customers very seriously. We would like to reassure our customers that as a business we continually update the precautionary measures that we employ to protect our staff and the services that we provide on an ongoing basis, especially during these uncertain and very fluid times.

Due to the development of the COVID-19 outbreak we have introduced a secure, digital, remote working platform for our back-office teams. This provides a credible business continuity plan ensuring that we continue to support our customers without supply interruption whilst protecting our staff.

Our team will work normal office hours and be available as usual by phone, but with greater emphasis on email as remote working increases using the central email address

Risk mitigation measures we have taken leave our stock position and our supply chain robust. The factory and warehouse remain fully operational and we are committed to maintaining current manufacturing, service and supply levels.

We will continue to communicate frequently with our customers and suppliers as this situation evolves whilst monitoring government guidance to ensure our compliance.

We feel the current measures taken translate to ‘business as usual’ as far as our customers are concerned and we will continue to update our status accordingly.