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Heat Recovery Ventilation


What is Heat Recovery Ventilation?

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) meets System Four of the Building Regulations Part F: Ventilation. This method of ventilation is becoming increasingly popular as we continue to make our homes more energy efficient and airtight.

Heat Recovery ventilation provides continuous, all year round ventilation to create healthy and condensation-free environments by maintaining stable humidity levels.

How does Heat Recovery Ventilation work?

There are two different types of heat recovery system, Whole House Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) and Single Room Heat Recovery (SRHR).

Whole House Heat Recovery is a centralised system, normally located in the loft space of a house or a utility room in an apartment. It works using the principles of both supply and extract ventilation. Warm and moisture-laden air is extracted from the bathroom, kitchen, WC and utility room of a property which is drawn into the main system and passes over a heat exchange cell before being ducted outside to atmosphere.

At the same time, fresh air is drawn from outside into the system, collecting up to 90% of the heat from the extracted air as it passes over the heat exchange cell. This fresh, filtered and tempered air is then supplied into the living room areas of the home, the bedrooms, living and dining areas.

EnviroVent offers a range of Heat Recovery Ventilation systems, suitable for small and large properties. We also offer a design service to accurately calculate airflow rates and duct runs for your installation to fully comply with Building Regulations and legislation.

Single Room Heat Recovery is a through-the-wall ventilation unit designed for a one-room installation, such as a kitchen or bathroom. It works in the same way as the whole house method, by extracting the moisture-laden air and supplying the fresh, tempered air that has been warmed by the heat exchange cell. This method of ventilation is ideal for replacing old and inefficient extract fans, by providing a much more energy-efficient alternative.

Features and benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation

  • Improves indoor air quality - providing clean fresh air
  • Eliminates condensation which causes mould and damp
  • Saves energy costs - the heat exchange cell can recover up to 75% of the heat that would normally be extracted out to atmosphere
  • 5 year renewable warranty
  • Fits into nearly any wall depth and orientation
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