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Positive Heat Recovery

What is Positive Heat Recovery Ventilation?

EnviroVent has released an innovative ventilation system that not only reduces problems with damp and condensation, but can save up to 10% on annual heating costs. With the rising cost of energy bills, people are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Our Positive Heat Recovery system provides the best of both worlds, providing not only much better indoor air quality, but also homes that are more affordable to run. This system is particularly well suited to houses and flats that have condensation-dampness and mould growth issues.

How does Positive Heat Recovery Ventilation work?

The Positive Heat Recovery system works in two ways. A central system, normally located in a loft,  draws in fresh, filtered clean air from outside andgently supplies this into the home from a central position on a landing or hallway. Single room heat recovery units are also installed in the kitchen and bathroom, to control humidity levels where they are at their highest.

These units recover up to 75 per cent of the heat from the air that would normally be lost through extraction and release it into the room, reducing energy loss. Therefore, a major benefit of Positive Heat Recovery is that it makes a home much more energy efficient, as well as controlling humidity and moisture levels to reduce mould and condensation. And, as the system continually draws in clean, fresh air, there is no need to open windows, resulting in all-year-round good indoor air quality.

Features and benefits of Positive Heat Recovery

Positive Heat Recovery is ideal for retrofitting into existing homes, with no need for redecoration afterwards and easy installation by an EnviroVent ventilation specialist. The benefits of installing a Positive Heat Recovery system are as follows:

  • No disruption or redecoration costs
  • Saves on average half the cost of MVHR
  • Provides a whole house solution
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Controls humidity levels and eliminates mould growth
  • UK manufacturered

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