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Ventilation for Landlords & Property Developers

Landlord Property Ventilation

Landlords we can help you increase your profits by eliminating condensation and mould for good!

With over 25 years of experience in solving the nation’s condensation problems, EnviroVent are experts in providing landlords with permanent solutions to rid them of condensation and mould issues. Our products deliver fresh, clean air, creating an all year round healthy living environment.

How can EnviroVent help landlords?

By letting EnviroVent take charge of your ventilation requirements, we can help you to:

Green TickSave money

Green TickEliminate hassle

Green TickProtect the fabric of your long term investment

Green TickSave you energy

We do this through our innovative Lifetime Range® of sustainable ventilation solutions which offer you:

Green TickBritish made products that reduce humidity levels, preventing condensation and the formation of mould

Green TickLong term cost effective life-cycle costs

Green TickSimple maintenance

Landlord Ventilation Systems

Our specialist ventilation advisors can help you choose the right solution for your individual requirement.

How do we do this?

Your friendly local ventilation advisor will respond to your enquiry and call to discuss what the problem is. In most cases they will then arrange a convenient time with you to carry out a free, no obligation home survey. During the home survey your ventilation advisor will assess the problem by taking readings of the relative humidity levels inside the property.

A device called a therma-hygrometer is used to measure the temperature, relative humidity and dew point in the property. The levels of humidity will be higher in areas suffering from condensation and mould. All our ventilation advisors are trained in carrying out home surveys to identify and recommend the correct ventilation requirement to be installed.

EnviroVent Ventilation Surveyor

What’s more, we also take care of the installation process.

EnviroVent is the only UK ventilation company with its own dedicated and directly employed nationwide installation team. Trained in providing the highest level of customer service and with an intimate knowledge of our products, they ensure the ventilation solution is installed to meet the unique requirements of the property.

All members of the installation team are certified to current IEE wiring regulations. They are equipped with the latest tooling technology providing you with the peace of mind and confidence that the highest level of quality will be achieved.

When our installers arrive at your property to carry out an installation, they are careful to ensure that the home remains clean and tidy by wearing protective shoes. They will also vacuum clean up any dust or debris. Our friendly installers provide help and instructions on how our innovative products work, explaining the benefits they will bring to your tenants health and home.

A permanent solution

We provide permanent solutions to eradicating condensation and mould leaving you with:

Green TickGood ventilation = happy tenants

Green TickNo re-decoration cost

Green TickNo damage caused by mould or dampness

Did you know that condensation and mould can result in a category 1 hazard by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). In the long run it is a lot cheaper and easier to avoid things like insurance claims or losing a tenant by taking control of the situation – prevention is better than cure.

We can help you save time and money by addressing the problem sooner rather than later, and in the meantime here are a few tips to pass on to your tenants:

  • Try to keep the inside temperature reasonably constant for as much of the time as possible
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors. If you have no choice place the clothes rack in a well ventilated room keeping the door shut
  • Do not dry clothes over radiators
  • Ensure that any tumble drier is properly vented or the condensate reservoir regularly emptied
  • Do not supplement heating with paraffin/Calor gas type heating
  • Keep furniture away from walls
  • Do not disable any extraction units

Unfortunately it is not always practical to avoid drying clothes inside during the winter months, on a cold, frosty day windows are unlikely to be opened as the tenant will want to avoid heat loss. What’s more, tenants with young children will have to wash and dry clothes on a regular basis.

Without good ventilation inevitably condensation will rear its ugly head. The same principal applies to student accommodation. We can help you take control of your condensation and mould issues, let us zap your condensation and mould issues for good!

*After an EnviroVent whole house unit is installed, the mould will dry out and can be brushed off. In cases where the mould growth was particularly bad, the area may need to be painted once the mould has been brushed off.


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