How Mr Venty can improve your health and your home

How Mr Venty can improve your health and your home25/06/2013

The other day a well known radio presenter recommended a homemade remedy for a minor cut or abrasion. As long as it was applied as soon as possible it was guaranteed to work.  The suggestion was quickly denounced by a doctor who phoned in to set the matter straight: He said that any likelihood of infection would be reduced enormously by simply applying water as this would dilute and wash away any bacteria. The scenario is similar when it comes to tackling condensation and mould in the home, believe it or not, dilution is the best solution, only in this instance you substitute water with clean, fresh air.

Householders that are plagued with condensation and mould issues may spend a lot of time and money trying out various remedies to solve the problem. These vary from opening windows (not a good idea in winter), tirelessly mopping up condensation to prevent black mould from occurring and moving furniture away from walls. What they really need is a permanent solution, something which will prevent condensation and mould from forming. It is simple! By adding clean, fresh air you can dilute the levels of humidity in your home and resolve condensation and mould problems whilst improving your indoor air quality at the same time.

This method of ventilation is called Positive Input Ventilation or PIV. It is a cost effective, energy efficient way to eliminate condensation, which in turn will end mould growth and reduce the dust mite population. Ventilation experts, EnviroVent, manufacture the Mr Venty® range of energy efficient Condensation Control Units (PIV).

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