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Condensation in Flats

In the UK, condensation in a property can occur when warm moist air is generated in living areas and then migrates to colder parts of the building. Many flats have dwellings below and above them, both which are creating moisture and in turn condensation.

On a daily basis we are creating moisture in our homes, through washing, using a kettle, boiling water and even when we are asleeping. All this creates more condensation in your flat which without a constant flow of ventilation will start to show on walls, ceilings and windows.

There are some ways for you to reduce the condensation from building up in your property.

  • Leave heating on throughout the day in cold weather.
  • After taking a bath or shower always ensure proper ventilation.
  • Try not to dry clothes indoors which will cause condensation.
  • If you have a wet coat or umberella, try to hang it outside the living area.
  • Increase ventilation throughout the property.
  • Allow air to circulate around cupboards and wardrobes by not overfilling.

Due to the weather, it is unlikely that any home in the UK will ever be condensation free without proper ventilation,by following the points above you can start to improve the indoor air quality in your flat and also reduce the moisture levels in the air. EnviroVent also offer a home survey, we will send a local surveyor to your flat or property, take readings of the levels of moisture in the air, inspect any underlying condensation and mould problems and provide you with a solution based around your property.

If you would like to discuss your condensation problems or you would like a no obligation, home survey please call us on 0345 27 27 807 or use the form on this page.

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