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Sheffield & Chesterfield Region Expert Surveyor - James Scott

James Scott runs the EnviroVent South Yorkshire, Sheffield and Chesterfield areas.

James has over ten years experience in the Ventilation industry and is passionate about improving indoor air quality. He understands the importance of creating a healthy home by guaranteeing a permanent cure to condensation and mould.

James prides himself on offering the best full turn-key Ventilation service in the South Yorkshire, Sheffield and Chesterfield areas.

If you have condensation and mould problems, James will explain to you why you are experiencing these problems. "Condensation and Mould problems in South Yorkshire are on the rise due to an increase in energy saving measures such as double glazing and loft insulation, making our homes more energy efficient but also air tight. This results in properties being unable to breathe (known as 'the plastic bag effect'), which in turn can cause problems with Asthma and allergies due to the rise of relative humidity and dust mite populations."

"Our homes have never suffered from Condensation and Mould as much as they do today. For most existing properties, I would recommend PIV or Positive Input Ventilation as the best solution. Not only does it guarantee to eliminate the problem but it also saves up to 10% on space heating costs - good for the Environment and your pocket!"

To arrange a home survey, please call 0114 4670020 or click the 'Request a Survey' button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A standard survey will normally take around 1 hour. This gives us plenty of time to speak to you about any issues within the property, check the areas for concern and carry out a full survey. If we feel that the problem is due to condensation or a ventilation issue and not rising or penetrating damp then we can then explain what solutions we can offer.
Yes, although we do can provide you with a full report after the survey which includes details of our findings, we would need someone to be at the property to let us in and answer any questions that we might have pertaining to the survey.
To ensure we can offer a solution and enable us to specify the correct ventilation unit we carry out various measurements and tests as part of our survey. These include taking temperature and humidity readings and measurements. We will then run through the solution including a full demonstration of how it works and there is plenty of time for us to answer any questions you might have.
It is difficult to know what the problem is unless we physically see it for ourselves. You might think that you have a condensation problem due to wet walls or streaming windows and it could turn out to be due to a burst pipe, penetrating damp or rising damp, which would all require a different approach. Unfortunately, without a survey we cannot guarantee that the product will eliminate the problem.
We aim to have a full survey report emailed back over to you within 3 days of the survey taking place. This will include our findings, humidity, temperature readings, any areas for concern and our recommendation as to what is required next. If we are unable to offer a solution to the problem we make this clear within the survey report.
We understand that you might work in the daytime and may be unable to get time off to attend the survey. We aim to offer several different options to book a ventilation survey with us and when possible we will try and work around your time. We do have some limited evening and weekend slots available in most areas but these tend to book up fast so it is advisable to contact us as soon as possible to arrange a survey if you have a condensation or mould problem that requires immediate attention.
In most instances the survey is offered free, in order for us to give you the correct advice, though there are some geographical limitations so please contact us and enquire.
Once you decide to go ahead with the order there are 2 payment options. We offer 12 months 0% finance (subject to status) where we will take a 10% deposit on confirmation of the order and then you pay 12 equal monthly payments or you can pay a 50% deposit on order and the final balance on completion of works.

What's involved in a survey

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