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Paisley - Local Ventilation Specialist

Paisley Ventilation Surveyor - Condensation, Damp & Mould Specialist

Paisley Region Expert Surveyor - Victor Loughlin

Our Paisley team are experts in carrying out home surveys to help you combat condensation, black mould, asthma, allergies and improve your indoor air quality.

During the home survey readings of relative humidity in the property, wall temperatures and dew points are assessed. Once all the data is analysed and based on the size of the property we will then be able to recommend the best method of ventilation based on your unique property and circumstances in order to reduce humidity levels and eradicate condensation and mould problems.

It is estimated that over 80% of reported "damp" problems in a domestic property can be attributed to condensation.

The EnviroVent Paisley team are passionate about improving the indoor air quality in your property and offer a solution to control humidity levels and prevent condensation and mould growth.

To arrange a home survey, please call 0141 392 06 88 or click the 'Request a Survey' button.

What's involved in a survey

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