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About Franchises

The Envirovent franchise has been in operation since 2009. Our network now consists of 33 operating territories with a further 16 territories still awaiting recruitment. Our long-term objective is to become the market leader in the domestic ventilation market and become a household name.

Franchise Training

Our initial training programme consists of 5 days in the office (covering ventilation theory and science; role-play; sales; exam; and CRM computer software) and 5 days in the local patch (covering surveying; lead generation; and presentation skills).

Daily Life of a Franchise Owner

Our franchise network represents the face of Envirovent. Franchisees will handle telephone and email enquiries that come in and arrange survey appointments once the lead is qualified. At survey, our franchisee will assess the property and recommend a suitable ventilation system and explain the features and benefits, leading to the sale. The franchise is sales and marketing-based, so the ability to generate leads and deliver presentations to prospective clients is essential.