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Get Rid of Damp Problems

Have you noticed damp patches appearing on your walls or ceiling, perhaps even on your chimney stack?

mould spreading on wall

If you have spotted damp in your home it is important that you get the problem looked at by a professional. Leaving the problem to fester can cause mould on your walls and furniture and left untreated it can also start to rot wooden window frames.

Many people think that by raising the temperature in their homes the damp problem will go, unfortunately if you have already found damp patches on your walls you are only encouraging the growth of mould and in turn dust mites, which feed on the mould and can increase respiratory problems, especially those who already suffer from breathing problems such as asthma or emphysema.

So how do you get rid of damp problems?

Unless there is an underlying problem such as a burst pipe in between your internall walls (you will know whether this is the case as the damp will spread quickly across the wall) the best thing you can do to get rid of damp on your walls and ceilings is to ventilate your home. As we try to make our homes more energy efficient with loft and wall insulation, double and triple glazing, draft excluders and so on, we are infact creating a seal around our home which is preventing an adequate amount of fresh air to enter our homes.

Over 98% of properties that we survey are suffering from condensation damp.

Rising damp
As the name states, rising damp involves water being drawn upwards through direct contact with brickwork and mortar. We can usually tell you straight away, normally over the phone whether it is a rising damp problem from asking you a few simple questions. You will usually find rising damp affects your property if you do not have a sufficient damp proof course, this involves the water rising up into the walls and will normally only appear around the skirting boards in your home.

Penetrating damp 
This type of damp is normally caused by an external problem, this means that the affected wall will normally sit against an external wall. The best way to identify the defect and to see if this is a penetrating damp problem is to go outside and see if you can identify where the problem is coming from. It could be a leaking gutter which is causing rain to seep into the walls or it could be a problem with the brick work, or a problem in your roof.

Condensation damp
The main problem that we see when undertaking a survey of a property is damp on windows and walls caused by condensation. With households spending more time indoors, boiling kettles, taking showers, drying clothes and of course breathing, the amount of moisture in the air starts to cause dampness in the home in the form of condensation on windows and walls.

EnviroVent's local home surveyors are trained to know the difference between each type of damp problem and can recommend the best solution for your property. There are many ways to prevent condensation problems by drying clothes outdoors and using cooking hoods when boiling water but unfortunately the UK's damp weather doesn't help.

The only way to get rid of damp problems caused through condensation is proper ventilation.

Request a callback to discuss your damp problems

If you are suffering from damp, condensation or mould problems in your home or your rented property then we can help.

We will visit your property at a time agreed that suits your needs and discuss the problem with you. We will test the humidity levels and pinpoint areas of concern. Our trained suveryors will then calculate the airflow rates throughout the property and provide you with a detailed report which is put together based on your own property. Working with this information we can then let you know whethe your problem is a direct result of condensation and explain what options are available to eradicate the condensation damp.

The longer you leave the damp problem to permeate throughout your home the more damage it can do to your property. 

If you want to get rid of damp problems for good then fill in the form on this page and request a callback from one of our home surveyors or call us directly on 0845 27 27 807.


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