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Get rid of house dust mites

It is an unfortunate fact that dust mites are a common guest in every home.House Dust Mites

Getting rid of these tiny creatures, which measure about a quarter of a millimetre in length can be difficult as they thrive in humid and damp condition and the more energy efficient we make our homes the more humid and damp they will become.

Dust mites feed on the dead skin that is shed by humans, pollen, fungi, bacteria and pet dander, all of which is commonly associated with and found in the family home.

4 Steps to Reduce House Dust Mites

  1. Lower humidity levels within the home - dust mites thrive in warm weather.
  2. Avoid pets in the home - pets contribute to the dander and increase food source for mites.
  3. Keep windows closed - unfiltered air will only increase pollen which is another source of food for mites.
  4. Wash all bedding - washing bedding on a weekly basis can help to reduce dust mites.

Reduce Dust Mite Triggers

One way to alleviate the symptoms of dust mite allergies is by reducing the triggers. EnviroVent provides a range of home ventilation units which have been specifically designed for those who suffer from asthma and allergies which can reduce the humidity levels within the home and provide continuous all year round ventilation.

By controlling the humidity within the home, dust mites are less able to breed and the population will diminish, helping asthma and dust mite sufferers to breathe more easily.

Unfortunately, dust mites cannot be totally eliminated, no matter how clean our homes are. However, by ensuring that there is a continuous supply of filtered fresh air, this is the quickest and most effective method of getting rid of the number of house dust mite.

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