energiSava 380 | Whole House Heat Recovery System

energiSava 380

High Performance, Modular Whole House Heat Recovery System

energiSava 380

The energiSava 380 is a centralised heat recovery fan unit mounted in your loft space that continuously removes stale, moist air from your bathroom, kitchen, WC and replaces it with clean fresh tempered air through circular valves mounted in your ceiling and in your living room areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermal efficiency up to 93%
  • Specific Fan Power as low as 0.40 W/l/s
  • Energy Saving Trust Best Practice Performance Compliant
  • Suitable for up to kitchen + 7 additional wet rooms
  • Compact modular format, easy to fit through standard loft hatches
  • Lightweight, one-man installation
  • App-enabled version available
  • Fan unit can be rotated for utmost practicality
  • Frost protection as standard
  • Switch live input as standard
  • Optional summer by-pass
  • Part of the Lifetime Range® complete with 5 year warranty
  • Easy to remove plug in/plug out filters
  • Easy removable fan section and electronics

Unique Modular System

Delivering not only the utmost practicality in installation flexibility, the system also performs to the highest efficiency on SAP Appendix Q and achieves a low Specific Fan Power of 0.40 W/l/s. Recovering up to 93% of the heat, the energiSava 380 reduces carbon emissions whilst providing continuous, all year round good indoor air quality.

Available with myenvirovent app

The energiSava 380 is available with the myenvirovent app, developed to allow the resident to adjust ventilation settings and boost the ventilation system from their smartphone or tablet. The app has been designed to benefit both the resident and ventilation engineer.

Most Flexible Installation Around

The energiSava 380 has been designed specifically for ease of installation in a unique modular format to fit through a standard loft hatch and provide optimum flexibility.

The system incorporates two modules: The dual functioning twin fan extraction and input module; and the ultra efficient heat exchange module. The lightweight and compact format allow for a one-man installation and the system is designed for easy push-button commissioning. It can also be rotated to enable both right and left configurations depending on the type of installation required.

Highest PerformanceEnergy sava module

Suitable for properties with kitchen plus 7 wet rooms, the energiSava 380 is not only exceptionally powerful, delivering a maximum airflow of 120 l/s but is also highly efficient achieving a thermal efficiency of 93% and Specific Fan Power as low as 0.40 W/l/s.

Easy Maintenance

As part of the Lifetime Range®, the system comes complete with a 5-year warranty. It incorporates plug in/plug out G4 pollen filters for ease of maintenance. Other internal components can be serviced easily such as the fan section and electronics.

Intelligent Controls as Standard

Energy sava 380 controlThe energiSava 380 runs continuously on trickle, providing all year round healthy indoor air quality. No user intervention is required as the intelligent humidity tracking controls constantly monitors the average humidity level over a two minute period. This allows the system to

sense any rise in humidity and increase the extract rate in direct correlation to quietly and efficiently control condensation. Even at night time it has been cleverly engineered to prevent noisy running.

For manual boost operation, a hard-wired boost switch comes as standard with the system. Alternatively, an optional remote controlled boost switch is available. The system also incorporates a frost protection facility which monitors the temperature of the heat exchange cell. When the temperature drops below 5°C the system will automatically revert to extract-only mode, which blows warmer air through the cell, preventing the formation of frost and ensuring optimum efficiency of the system.

Energy sava 380 additional

Additional Functions

The energiSava 380 can be installed with PIR for presence detection and absence mode as optional extras.

See the Annual Running Costs & Performance

ESAVA380 energiSava 380 Standard
ESAVA380A energiSava 380 (app enabled)
ESAVA380W energiSava 380 with remote controlled boost switch
ESAVA380SB energiSava 380 summer by-pass kit (accessory)

Energi sava 380 dimensions

Energi sava 380 performance

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