energiSava 210 | Whole House Heat Recovery System

energiSava 210

Low Energy Whole House Heat Recovery System

energiSava 210

The energiSava 210 is a low energy, whole house heat recovery system with a high-efficiency heat exchanger to provide a constant supply of fresh tempered air into the living spaces of your home.

Features & Benefits

  • Counter-flow heat exchanger with up to 89% thermal efficiency
  • High efficiency G4 filters
  • EC motor technology
  • Innovative boost controls
  • Intelligent humidity tracking controls
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Filter change indicator
  • Holiday mode
  • By-pass 100% automatic or manual
  • SAP Appendix Q eligible
  • Energy Savings Trust Best Practice Performance Compliant
  • 3 year guarantee

How does the energiSava 210 work?

The energiSava 210 works by extracting stale, moisture-laden air from the wet rooms such as bathrooms, WCs, kitchen and shower rooms, which is released into the atmosphere. At the same time it supplies fresh, filtered air into the living areas. The energy from the extracted air is transferred to the new fresh air through the high efficiency heat exchanger before being re-supplied into the property.


Heat Recovery in Winter

With a mechanical extract ventilation system, the new air would enter at 2ºC through the air inlets, decreasing the internal temperature of the home. With the energiSava 210, the supply air would enter at 19ºC.

Air inside home Outside Air New air heated and supplied into the home
21°C 2°C 19°C


Summer Daytime By-Pass

With a mechanical extract ventilation system, the new air would enter at 34ºC through the air inlets, increasing the temperature inside home. With the energiSava 210, the supply air would enter at 24ºC and it will avoid the rising of interior temperature.

Air inside home Outside Air New air heated and supplied into the home
23°C 34°C 24°C


Summer Nights By-Pass (Free Cooling)

In addition, during summer nights, when the outdoor air is colder than the indoor air, the bypass is activated automatically avoiding he mixing of airflows and supplying cooler air to the home.

Air inside home Outside Air New air heated and supplied into the home
28°C 20°C 20°C

Offering optimum user functionality

Incorporated within the energiSava® 210 is the intelligent humidity tracking control as standard, which constantly monitor the humidity level, meaning no user intervention is required. 

As humidity rises and falls, the motor speed rises and falls in direct correlation. This controls condensation quietly and efficiently, reducing the periods of time when the system operates on maximum speed, saving energy. 

The intelligent filter change indicator notifies the user when these need replacing.

Innovative Control Switch

The innovative control switch allows the user to select:

  • The airflow rate
  • Holiday mode
  • Summer by-pass

It also indicates when the filters needs replacing.

ESAVA210 Standard unit with remote control (hard wired) and humidity tracker
FILTER-ES210 Additional filter

energiSava 210 dimensions

energiSava 210 wired performance curve

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