MEV Spider

MEV Spider

Mechanical Extract Ventilation System

MEV Spider

The new MEV Spider from EnviroVent is a low energy, continuous mechanical extract ventilation system designed with multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture-laden air out of the wet rooms, whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms.

Features & Benefits

  • Fitted with Ultra Low Watt EC motor technology
  • Rapid installation
  • Low noise
  • Intelligent humidity tracking
  • Vertical or horizontal install
  • Cost effective
  • 9 spigot connection points
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Lowest carbon footprint
  • 3 Ø100mm spigots supplied
  • Unobtrusive
  • SAP Appendix Q eligible

How Does MEV Work?

The extract unit is centrally located in a cupboard or loft, with ducts running from the unit to the kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and other wet zones. Ideal for use in houses, apartments and communal residences, the unit provides high centrifugal performance with low running noise. The MEV Spider is SAP Appendix Q eligible and comes with a full five year guarantee.

MEV Spider in Property


Flexible Installation




Rapid Installation

The compact size of the unit and its unique spigot configuration allows easy installation into any vertical or horizontal application and is ideal for restricted spaces. With up to nine spigot connection points the unit offers optimal versatility.

The easy push button commissioning pad enables the installer to correctly set the required airflow rate quickly and effectively.

Intelligent Humidity Tracking

The system continuously operates at a low level to ensure that the home is correctly ventilated, providing all year round good indoor air quality. Incorporated within the MEV Spider is the intelligent humidity tracking controls as standard, which constantly monitor the humidity level, meaning no user intervention is required. As humidity rises and falls, the motor speed rises and falls in direct correlation. This controls condensation quietly and efficiently, reducing the periods of time when the system operates on maximum speed, saving energy.

Control Options

The MEV Spider is supplied with a remote controlled boost switch as standard offering ultimate control to the user. The unit is fully commissionable to high and low rates to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. 

See the Annual Running Costs & Performance

Intelligent MEV Spider
MEVS-WH Standard unit with humidity tracker and remote controlled boost switch
Other Versions
MEVS-H Hard-wired unit with humidity tracker

SAP Appendix Q Results

MEV Spider SAP Appendix Q Results








Technical Specifications

MEV Spider Technical Specifications

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