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How to stop condensation on windows

Have you ever woken up to find your windows are covered in water?

stop condensation on windows

This water on your windows is condensation. In the UK, condensation is a common problem and it is formed when warm moist air comes into contact with cooler dry air. Many people put the blame for condensation on a fault with the windows.

This is not true, the reason why you see condensation on your windows is because the temperature of the glass is colder than any other surface in your home. As you sleep you are breathing out warm moist air, when you take a shower moisture is being created, when you boil a kettle the steam is creating moisture in the air.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove the moisture from your home without adequate ventilation.

As properties become more energy efficient with loft and wall insulation, your home is becoming airtight which means that the moisture in the air has nowhere to escape. If you start to see condensation in your home then it is time to think about what choices you have.

  • You could open your windows and door but this would only stop the problem for a short while and as soon as you close the windows and doors the problem will start up again.
  • Another option would be to install a dehumidifier, unfortunately, these can only do one room at a time and are costly to run.

An alternative would be to install a whole house ventilation unit which would remove the condensation from all the room and continuously keeps your home at the optimum humidity level so that the air is not too dry or moist. With so many different options available and as every property is different, we offer a home survey service.

If you have found condensation on your windows and want to know how to stop it then call us on 0345 27 27 807 or fill in the home survey form on this page and we will discuss the best solution for your property.

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